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About Crossroads RC&D

Our Mission

Forming partnerships to connect people with the resources to provide jobs, create viable communities, and protect natural resources.

Program Emphasis

Implement Community and Economic Development Initiatives That Allow Rural Communities to Grow and Prosper.

-Implement effective programs that enhance community leadership capacity and rural entrepreneurship.

Develop Initiatives that Assist with Development and Utitilization of Renewable Energy.

-Develop and promote market-based programs that provide income for producers of carbon, water quality and renewable energy credits.

-Promote energy efficiency to save energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhance the Management and Conservation of Water Resources in the Region.

-Assisting with the planning and implementation phases of Milford Lake & Lower Big Blue/Lower Little Blue Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) projects.

Enhance the Management and Conservation of Land Resources in the Region.

-Develop and improve additional wildlife habitat acres for resource protection.

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Officers and Staff

John Forshee, President

John Robison, Vice-President

Sara Olmsted, Secretary

Christina L'Eeuyer, Treasurer